Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Investigating Enzymes Coursework

Investigating Enzymes Aim: To investigate how temperature affects the send of chemical reaction in enzymes. Introduction: We are investigating how temperature affects the pose of reaction in enzymes. Different reactions can draw at different rates. Reactions that reach into slowly have a low rate of reaction. Reactions that put across quickly have a high rate of reaction. chemic reactions can only happen if reactant particles collide with teeming energy. The to a greater extent than frequently particles collide, and the greater the proportion of hits with enough energy, the greater the rate of reaction. Temperature affects the rate of reaction because particles can only react when they collide. If you hotness a substance, the particles move faster and so collide more(prenominal) frequently. That will speed up the rate of reaction. Concentration too affects the rate of reaction because if the concentration is higher, the chances of collision are greater. or so other factor that can affect the rate of reaction is airfoil area; this is because increasing the surface area of the unshakable increases the chances of collision taking place. Apparatus list: 10ml syringe for milk because it is more high-fidelity for our measurements. 5ml syringe for protease because it is more accurate as we used a smaller amount of protease than milk. take out we had more milk than we precisely needed, save in causa we had to repeat the experiment more than 3 times and/or made any mistakes. Protease enough for multiple tests and in case of any mistakes. Water bathing tub to heat up the milk and protease before have them. Ice cubes to chill out down the milk and protease. house foil to insulate the kind and keep the temperature consistent. Test tubes x3 unmatchable for milk, one for protease and one for the mixture. We found it easier to change the te mperature distributively and keep the mixtu! re in one tube as it makes our results more accurate. Thermometer...If you want to descend a full essay, exhibition it on our website:

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